Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Cosplay in Sydney

There were a LOT of people and a lot of good costumes at Sydney Oz Comic-Con which always makes things interesting. Here are a few!

Tall Rabbit on tour

This September, Tall Rabbit went on an adventure to Sydney! I packed as much cuteness as possible and jumped on a plane to the other side of the country to go to Sydney Oz Comic-Con. It was a fun trip and hopefully introduced a few more people to Tall Rabbit in my plan for world domination!!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Letterpress magic

I recently did a letterpress workshop at The Little Press. I've loved letterpress for ages and always wanted to try it out and when I saw this workshop which allowed you to print your own design, I knew it was for me!
I decided I wanted to to a poodle design but then it turned into a unicorn poodle which I liked even more! 

The photopolymer plate of my unipoodle design with some paper samples

The workshop was run by Emily and Rob from their spacious West Perth studio and was a small group of six. We split into two groups, one setting up the presses while the other mixed the inks. We used one of two hand operated presses, called Little Leo and Lilian, to print our designs.

My poodlecorn on the inked up press, Lilian

Everything has to be just right to get a perfect print which includes adjusting the amount of ink, the height of the paper, the pressure and lots of other little things. But it turned out well in the end!

Poodlecorns on a selection of papers, including a handmade one by one of the other participants.

After a yummy lunch of pumpkin soup and turkish bread, we had time for a little experimenting with the old woodblock type which Emily was lucky enough to find on a trip to India.

I had a fun day and would love to do it again and make a friend for my magical poodlecorn!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Tickle the alpacas!

Tickle the Imagination magazine is a great publication that comes out of Western Australia and is devoted to creativity, in particular handmade, craft and design. The latest issue, number 20, had a feature on llamas and alpacas which included my alpaca necklaces! It also has lots of other interesting and creative things inside and I recommend checking it out! 

Friday, July 31, 2015

PICA Salon 2015

I managed to pop in to PICA to check out the PICA Salon 2015 exhibition and was greeted by two hairy gargoyle type creatures with glowing eyes! These guardian sphinxes were by Tarryn Gill and influenced by The Never-Ending Story. They were made of stockings stretched around foam and stitched up and were a pretty good welcome to the exhibition.
'Guardian (Light Sphinx)' (detail) by Tarryn Gill

Another highlight was the Pip & Pop wall. Pip & Pop is Perth artist, Tanya Schultz, whose installation works I have enjoyed for a while. They are always bright and fantastical and often made of sugar and glitter! This is the first time I have seen 2-D work by her and I love it! There is a lot of cute in the kaleidoscopic wallpapers - if you look closely you might find kittens, plastic flowers, owls, cupcakes and of course, lots of glitter!

'Inside this dream', 2015, Adhesive wallpaper (detail)

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Made on the Left winter market

For the past few months, I've been madly working away to help organise and prepare for the Made on the Left market, which was on Sunday. For the first time it was held at the Perth Concert Hall and it turned out to be a pretty good venue, with lots of natural light. It was filled with over 70 local designers, lots of customers and four local music acts. Unfortunately, I was running around doing organisational things so much that I didn't get to spend much time at my stall or to get any photos! Luckily, I had a very capable helper to serve my customers and Louise Simonette was there to take photos. Thanks guys!  

Monday, June 29, 2015

Superpowered Supanova

It was another busy year at Supanova with the crowds going wild for Nathan Fillion! But my highlight was when my favourite superhero, Wonder Woman, and her pal Batgirl came to check out my stall. Maybe some of their superpowers rubbed off onto my things!