Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Festival of creativity!

I hate summer. Mainly the heat. The hot hot hot heat. The burning, boiling brutal heat. But there’s one thing about summer that I look forward to every year - festival season! January and February are the months for Perth Fringe Festival and Perth International Arts Festival (PIAF), and I love it! There’s always so much on and such strange and usual, interesting, different, fun and exciting events. It’s non-stop!

For one weekend during PIAF it’s the Perth Writers Festival and this year there were two special crafty guests - Pip Lincolne, the crafting queen, and Beci Orpin, an illustrator, designer and author. I booked in for a Creativity Shake Up workshop with Pip (which was unfortunately on at the same time as Beci’s workshop - I wanted to do both!!) and joined a bunch of creative ladies to hear about Pip’s path to creativity. I was pleasantly surprised to find Davina from Fluid Ink Letterpress and Nicole from House of Nicnax were also there and enjoyed hanging out with them for the morning.

In the first part of the workshop, Pip the crafting queen gave us some exercises to evaluate our own creativity and expectations and tips on the importance of making time to be creative. She gets up at 5:30(!) every morning so she can get things done before the busyness of the day takes over. I don’t think I could manage that as I’m more of a night owl but I can definitely see the benefit to it. I might even try getting up a bit earlier and see how it works...

After a short break, it was time to get creatively crafty with pompoms and ponies! My pony magically turned into a unicorn. It would have been a pegasus but time was not on its side! By the end of our hands-on making frenzy, the tables were covered in bits of wool, glitter, beads, felt cuttings and threads - it already felt more creative! But it was time to go home… I did enjoy creating something with my hands which I haven’t done for a few months so thanks to Pip for bringing some creative fairy dust and sprinkling it over Perth!

Pip was back again in the afternoon for a panel discussion called “The Creatives” with her crafty friend, Beci Orpin. They both lead very creative lives and have become quite well known for it. I really like Beci’s illustration style. In fact, I had a patch designed by her on my bag that day! Pip and Beci both make a living out of being creative so I was interested to hear what they would say about it. They both thought it was important to prioritise time for creativity and leave “empty” time for ideas to come. Their number one advice was to ‘be nice and work hard” and, after meeting them both, it’s something which they both seem to follow which made me admire them even more.

I really enjoyed my creativity focussed day. It’s not every day you get told to just think and explore and come home with a unicorn. I hope there are lots more days like that.

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