Monday, March 31, 2014

Sculptures by the Sea

Every year, Sculpture by the Sea is on at Cottesloe Beach with more sculptures than you can poke a stick at (please do not poke the artworks). The exhibiting artists are from all around the world and the sculptures range from small to enormous and conservative to controversial. This year the sculptures attracting the most publicity were the giant goon bag and the Barbie wave.

Cottesloe Beach with 'Bulk Carrier' (aka Giant Goon Bag) by Norton Flavel (WA) on the right

The giant goon bag had seen better days by the time we got to it. It lay semi-deflated on the sand, pulsating and undulating like a beached alien whale with its underbelly peeling silver and its seams threatening to pop a leak at any moment. That didn't stop the cameras snapping and the people posing in front of it and it seemed to be one of the most popular sculptures there! Also the one most likely to be alive.
'Permanent Sunset' by Alejandro Propato (Argentina)

'Wave 1' by Annette Thas (WA)  
Thousands of Barbie dolls made up "Wave 1" which was also very popular and surrounded by crowds. With more second-hand Barbie dolls than you'd find at a Barbie bargain barbeque, it was a sight to behold! Masses of blonde hair and naked bodies (some headless) crashing down upon you would be much worse than getting dumped by an actual wave, especially with all the arms poking out at all angles and the many staring eyes and fixed smiles...

'Rescheduling Permanence' (aka Doily Hut) by Helen Seiver (WA)

 'Fetch (2012)' (aka Almost Invisible Dogs) by The Winged Collective (VIC)

'Once Removed' (aka Glass Feet) by Robert Barnstone

'Der Traum' (the dream) by Wolfgang Friz (Germany)

Once again, it was an interesting evening at the beach, racing around to see all the sculptures before the sun went down and nicely finished off with an ice cream. Yum!

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