Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Crochet Poodles

I love almost anything in the shape of a poodle and considering my increasing lack of space, a useful poodle is even better. This poodle is extremely useful in covering bottles so instead of opening your cupboards and looking like an alcoholic, you can instead look like a crazy poodle freak, which is much better. Unfortunately, I only have a talcum powder bottle poodle cover which is not nearly as exciting as this suave Pierre covering your finest bottle of peach schnapps. The crochet cover girl seems to agree. She's found a new best friend! One day I hope to be able to crochet well enough so I can have my very own fancy booze hound.


  1. This is what my grandma often did for a gift - just about 50 years ago. Thanks for reminding me and best wishes from germany

    1. Thanks Wiebke, I hope you will make them come back in fashion in Germany! :)

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