Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New business cards!

That’s right! Get excited! I have some new business cards! They are pretty cute (as you should expect). You’ll be able to pick one up from my stall at the Perth Upmarket. There are 10 different images on the backs so make sure you get your favourite! The front has my contact details, including this blog address, so now you have no excuse for not visiting! In fact, now that you’re here, why don’t you become a follower? Or leave a comment and say hi! Tall Rabbit would like that very much. Tall Rabbit can refer to ourselves in the third person and in plural now that Tall Rabbit is important enough to have our own business cards!


  1. Ooh lovely! Where did you get these printed my lovely TallRabit?

  2. Hi Samantha! They are moo MiniCards ( and they are great!

  3. Its humans habit they always like new thinks so i think so many peoples like your new business cards. And they want new cards design for business advertising..